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We are proud to present ZenoBot, your assistant, and helper. ZenoBot is a powerful and simple to use software that can do many things. Create content and have it delivered by a digital assistant capable of speaking numerous languages. For example:

For Education and Training

ZenoBot is your teacher’s assistant! ZenoBot is a quick and effective way to create and present learning content. Perfect for today’s increasingly busy teachers! To learn more click here if you are a teacher and here if you are a trainer

For Students

ZenoBot is your helper. Use it as a coding solution to create presentations, show and tell, assignments, and so forth. To learn more click here


For Business and
For Customer Service

Use it as an information kiosk solution. Welcome guests, showcase your latest products, services, and much more. Have specific needs? Tell us your exact needs and using custom conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) we can have ZenoBot talking and engaging with your customers via a kiosk, mobile app, or website. Customers can find items in your store, find product suggestions, place an order, and much more and in any language! Just talk to it; it is purely conversational driven. To learn more click here.

Say "Hurray" because ZenoBot is here to help! Provisional patent no. 2016900435 and International (PCT) Patent No. PCT/AU2017/050048 Taiwan Patent Application No. 106104176 Publication Number: TW 201732753 A

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About Us

With over 20 years of experience in developing software, we started off developing educational and training solutions. Over the years we have developed a range of award winning English learning programs as well as industrial workplace health and safety training programs, in various languages.

Innovation and continuous improvement has always been a core strategy of our company. We believe in educating and solving problems using the most logical and most practical solutions.

ZenoBot was developed as an answer to the desperate cry for help by teachers who are over worked and overwhelmed by the increased demand and expectation of digitally rich learning content, by a digitally absorbed generation. However we quickly recognized the applications for ZenoBot go well beyond the education market and is a fantastic solution for all industries.

Research and Development into ZenoBot also lead us to become experts in conversational AI solutions. We have developed numerous custom solutions for clients across the globe.

We are a creative team of Educators, Engineers, Software Developers, and business people.

Visit our other sites to learn more:
Children’s programs for kindergartens and language schools: www.listpremier.com
Training programs for mining companies, workplace health and safety, etc.: www.visualsafetytraining.com

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Our mission is to:

  • Give teachers more time and energy to focus on their most important task, which is focusing on educating each and every student in their class. We do this by listening to them and creating simple,quick, practical and easy to use software solutions for creating lessons.
  • It is also a way for their content to actually be presented on their behalf to their students using a digital avatar helper.
  • Allow busy trainers the opportunity to create engaging training material whilst freeing them up to focus on helping and guiding their trainees.
  • Improve the customer experience for a wide range of businesses by developing practical customer service solutions using the latest artificial intelligence solutions. Our goal is to allow businesses to allow their customers to find answers, products, and services quickly and easily, in multiple languages, through conversation, and from a variety of devices. This ensures a pleasant experience sure to bring the customer back whilst allowing human staff to focus on more important tasks simultaneously.
  • Encourage communication with our clients, customers and markets, allowing us to solve real life problems through our products and services.
  • Continuously adapt to the rapidly changing world and continue to deliver the best quality and practical solutions.
  • Strive to do our duty whilst upholding the highest standards of ethics and positive moral values; honesty, respect, kindness, patience, perseverance, and a positive can do attitude.


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Postal Address - PO Box 7196, Redland Bay, Qld, 4165

Fax: 61 7 3829 9677