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Welcome to our brand spanking new ZenoBot website!

Dear visitor,
We are very excited to have a new ZenoBot website. Due to the applications and uses for ZenoBot growing so rapidly we quickly realised we need to expand our website into new sections catering for the various markets.

So whether you want to use ZenoBot to teach, create lessons, use it as a replacement for Power Point (because we all dread death by power point), welcoming or attracting customers, or other, you know that this is the future.

Always remember: if you expect to make a sale, or capture the attention of students, or clients, then first impressions last. Captivate them, amaze them, inform them, dazzle them, but most importantly, deliver the valuable facts and information in a way that they can understand. Whether visual, audio, hands, on, or a combination.

Let us know what you think of the new site and share your stories of how ZenoBot is helping you.