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Did you know that AI (artificial Intelligence) can save you money and improve customer service?


Customer Service Solutions

The practical applications of AI are increasing by the minute. Custom AI solutions can allow you to improve your products and services that you currently provide to your customers.

Through AI you can engage with your customers better and faster. Allow AI to answer their questions, or simply help them to find a product or find information quicker and easier. Link your website, catalogue, and databases with ZenoBot AI and have it represent your company.

Just Talk, no need to touch!

Unlike traditional mobile or desktop apps, with conversation based AI, users interact with apps through a conversation, natural-sounding back and forth exchanges, and not traditional, computer-centric paradigms. All you need to do is talk to the AI. It’s hands free! It accepts numerous languages and accents.

Who can benefit the most from AI?


Honestly, anyone! AI is especially perfect for any customer service industry.

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Retailers
  • Banks
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Airlines
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Museums
  • Exhibitors
  • Drive through services
  • Public Spaces, e.g. airports, sporting stadiums, theme parks, parking lots, elevators, etc.

Just imagine being greeted by a ZenoBot Avatar with AI, ready to serve your needs.


Beautiful, innovative, practical, sleek, and engaging kiosk interface, website, or mobile app that attracts the attention of customers. Can be used in any customer service industry.


Quick and convenient assistance allowing customer to find what they want quicker in any language via talking. Customer's time is saved. Staff are freed to focus on more important things. Opportunity to reduce human staff.


Customer has pleasant experience as their time is saved. More time to purchase more. More likely to be a repeat customer due to pleasant experience. More profit for the business owner.

Check out some example videos here

How to get your custom solution


Get in touch with us now and tell us what you need. Fill out the form below to get started. All projects are dealt with confidentiality


Download the ZenoBot Enterprise version


We will create your solution and link it with your ZenoBot Enterprise account along with any other requirements (languages, new avatars, etc.)

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Conversational AI Training Courses

Are you a software developer and would like to learn how to code your own Conversational AI solutions? If "YES!" then get in touch with us now.

Available as Mac or Windows App





Enterprise Version US$1,500.00/ year (approx. AU$1,950.00/ year)

  • Kiosk Mode with AI hook-up integration
  • Voice activated Google Search (including information search, images, videos, maps, and more.)
  • Unlimited cloud space
  • Unlimited text to speech
  • 21 text to speech languages (also includes the Australian, American, British, and Canadian accents)
  • 24 avatars
  • Minimum Contract Term: 12 months