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A simple way to welcome and inform your customers

ZenoBot is the ultimate tool for boosting your business. Whether you are an office, retail outlet, restaurant, airline, real estate agency, bank, or any other business with face to face customers.


ZenoBot will be there to help you in the following ways:

  • Welcome your customers
  • Tell them about your latest products
  • Tell them about sales, promotions, and so forth
  • Speak to them in various languages
  • Add your own images, videos, text, sound, and so forth
  • Quick and easy to create
  • Quick and easy to update as your products and services change.
  • Much cheaper and quicker than creating custom videos. Plus you can update it yourself anytime.
  • Wow your customers
  • No special hardware required. Just connect a TV or PC monitor to a laptop.


Eye catching, beautiful, aesthetic, practical, and simple solution.


  • Quick and convenient information delivery allowing the customer to learn about your products and services in a comfortable way.
  • Customer's time is saved.
  • Staff are freed to focus on more important things.
  • Opportunity to reduce human staff.
  • No specialised or expensive hardware required.


  • Customer has pleasant experience as their time is saved.
  • Great for customers who prefer to be left alone
  • Not "in your face".
  • Customer is made aware of latest products, promotions, services, etc.
  • Pleasant and memorable experience.

Do you want your customers to be able to buy products from a ZenoBot simply by using their voice? Do you want customers to be able to find products simply by talking to ZenoBot? If "yes" then check out our custom AI solutions by clicking here.

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ZenoBot Available in 2 versions:

Available as Mac or Windows App





  • Premium VersionUS$999.99/ year (approx. AU$1,300/ year)
  • Unlimited cloud space
  • Unlimited text to speech
  • 21 languages (also includes the Australian, American, British, and Canadian accents)
  • 24 avatars (which includes 3 Teddy bears and a cat)
  • Voice activated Google Search (including information search, images, videos, maps, and more.)
  • Minimum Contract Term: 12 months