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Last updated: July 24, 2018

Why Create PowerPoint Presentations Online – Think Beyond Slides

PowerPoint presentation online has always been an ingrained part of multiple instructional settings, mostly in training centres. The purpose of making PowerPoint presentations online is to enhance skill and exchange information.

If you’ve been planning to create a presentation that increases visual impact, improves the focus of audience, and provides annotations and highlights, ZenoBot offers an innovative and revolutionary way to present the content.

ZenoBot serves as a digital agent or virtual assistant and they communicate via speech rather than text. You have an opportunity to choose the language of the digital assistants and the software is extremely easy to use! Just like amazing PowerPoint presentations, you can have many points that you want your audience to remember.

Thus, there is no need to spend time and energy to create a PowerPoint presentation online. With the assistance of digital agents, you can spend lesser time in transferring information from the screen to the audience. Users also have a chance to use the same text, sound files, videos, and images to create fresh presentations each time.

Varied Applications

ZenoBot has limitless applications and can effectively work in multiple industries – Public Places, Airlines, Hospitals, Public Transport, Retail Industry, Home Schooling, Training Centres, and Schools.

The presenter has an opportunity to create, present, and share information with the audience without any need to closely focus on the audience. The virtual assistants can deliver all the information in the local language of the customers. Thus, you get customized assistance that provides incredible convenience!

With ZenoBot, there is no need to change shapes, clip art, images, charts, tables, animations, transitions, and shapes to create PowerPoint presentations online.

So, choose ZenoBot and go for perfect presentations every time!